Common Interview Questions for Electrical Engineering Freshers

Question 1. Why did you opt for electrical engineering as a career choice?

How to Answer: This is one of the most common interview questions. This question is often customized to suit different job interviews and is one of the questions that can really set the tone of the whole interview process.

How you answer this question will determine where you get with the interview. If your answer is that you got into this field because you didn’t have any other career choice (even if it might be true) will not make a very favorable impression.

So, instead, try to impress how you were always passionate about this field and what really drew you in. Talk about how you intend to make a great career in Electrical Engineering.

Question 2. What would you claim to be your speciality within your core field?

How to Answer: Another variation of this particular question can be – ‘which engineering are you good at; industrial, residential or any other?’

This is one of the common interview questions often asked from engineering freshers. A great way to answer it would be to talk about the internships and the projects you have done in the past. Which industry or field you are particularly good at; all the while making it clear that you are not a noob in other niches.

You need to rely on your expertise to sail you through this particular question. Also, answer the question tactfully and play to your strengths under all circumstances.

Question 3. Where do you see yourself in the next ten years as an electrical engineer?

How to Answer: ‘Where do you see yourself in the next five/ten years’ is one of the very common interview questions. However, since the industry or profession is specified in this case, you need to be very particular about your answer.

To do so, you need to map out your growth as an engineer. You need to be very clear about whether you want to stay in this field or not, and if you do, how do you want your career to progress.

To best answer this interview question, talk about what you intend to learn in the coming years, what are your personal goals and how they coincide with your professional goals as an electrical engineer.

Also, to answer such common interview questions, you would have to do some homework on the company, know what their goals are and frame your answer in sync with that information.

Question 4. What was your favorite subject(s) during college?

How to Answer: Seemingly one of those super-easy common interview questions, right?!

Though yes, you can say it is an easy question, it also happens to be one of the trickiest. If you just mention your favorite subject(s) and go, mum, then it won’t do you a lot of favors.

A job interview is also about building a conversation. As such, you would have to invest more thought into your answer and talk about how you developed an interest in the subject or what you found most interesting about it.

Question 7. What would you do if not electrical engineering?

How to Answer: Again, one of the common interview questions but one whose answer you might find a bit hard to decipher. However, the smart way to not answer this question would be to tell the recruiter you would have settled for another branch.

Saying that will make you sound like a person with some unfulfilled desires who is probably not happy in the field he is currently in. Instead, say that you would have been in a field that reflects the values of electrical engineering – something like Power Engineering.

Keep it in mind that you should be able to justify your interest and passion in this field at any given time during the job interview.

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Common Interview Questions for Electrical Engineering Freshers

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