1.What are the most important qualities of a project manager?

Tips for answering: In your response, keep in mind the specific requirements listed in the job description. Plus, if there were any challenges that the interviewer brought up previously in the conversation, you can form an answer that reflects how you would deal with those challenges.

   2. If you had to rate project management as a career, from 1-10, how would you rate it?

Tips for answering: While you want to be honest in your response, please do not be negative. An interview for a project management role is no time to give the career a low mark! 

  3. Tell me about the projects you have managed.

Tips for answering: Employing the STAR technique—where you frame your answer in terms of Situation, Task, Action, and Result—can help you give a cogent and meaningful response. 

  4. Which project management software and tools do you prefer using, and why?

Tips for answering: Most likely, interviewers are most interested in your reasons for liking a particular type of software, and what your preference expose about you as a project manager. The one potentially tricky aspect of this question is if the company does not use your preferred software. You may want to mention that you’re comfortable with several types of software to your response.

  5. What was your most successful project?

Tips for answering: Go ahead and brag a bit. Be specific about what went well, and how you were a part of that. A gracious project manager always remembers to note team members and relationships that helped fuel a project’s success. 

  6. Do you prefer working on a single project or multiple projects at the same time

Tips for answering: Be thoughtful about the role you’re seeking to take on. If the company is notorious for having project managers juggle tasks, it just doesn’t make sense to respond by saying you prefer working on a single task at a time. 

Collected & Edited By: Customer Service HR Strategy Viet Nam

Source: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/project-manager-interview-questions-2061483

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Project Manager Interview Questions

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